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How Sitemaps Can Get Your Pages Indexed Faster

How Sitemaps Can Get Your Pages Indexed Faster

Every website in Google is regularly indexed by web crawling bots that analyze and store data from each page they encounter. While these bots do an excellent job of updating Google�s databases, it is generally up to the site owner to make sure their site is indexed properly and regularly. If you�ve been researching search engine optimization and internet marketing then I�m sure you�ve read guides on page indexing before. However, by focusing strictly on more advanced techniques such as social bookmarking and linkbuilding many people overlook the most elementary task of all � sitemap generation and submission.

A sitemap is a basically file that search engines use to index sites easily. It contains the link and content structure of a site, effectively listing all pages and categories within a site in a hierarchical manner. Submitting an updated sitemap to Google on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to have your entire site indexed routinely. The sooner your pages are indexed, the quicker they can start climbing to the top of the SERPs. Google provides tools that help webmasters submit sitemaps with ease, and Wordpress users can take advantage of a plugin called Google sitemap generator.


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